(Triggered insaan)nischay malhan whatsapp number and phone number

Triggered Insaan is a famous YouTuber who makes roast videos like carryminati. He has 10 million subscribers on youtube. For which he also organized a party. His video is very popular on social media.

His fan following is growing. He has gone from a normal YouTuber to a legend YouTuber.

He started his youtube journey 3 years ago. At that time there were fewer views on his channel. Then he made videos on Dhinchak Pooja and trending topics.

His videos have been very much liked by the people. So his youtube channel is growing a lot. All his videos get millions of views and every one of his videos is featured in the trending section.

nischay malhan WhatsApp and phone number

Here is all the information of Triggered Insaan, all its numbers, and home address. Here is the Gmail id of Triggered Insaan and all the information.

  • Phone number: 9926494927
  • Whatsapp number: 9836105710
  • Real name: Nischay Malhan
  • Age: 24 years
  • Email: nischaytriggered@gmail.com
  • Girlfriend: Radhika
  • Channel: live insaan
  • City: Delhi
  • School: Delhi primary school
  • Boyfriend: no
  • Marriage Status: Single
  • Father: yes
  • Mother: yes
  • Sister: wonders up
  • Friend: fukra insaan
  • Youtube friend: mythpad

Triggered people struggle and life

Trigger insaan has been uploading videos on youtube for 3 years.

He posted his first video during college. Then he got a job. He had no interest in it. He used to go to work every morning and make videos in the evening.

He used to upload videos during office hours. Even though youtube was closed in his office, he used to upload videos using a VPN. Thus he started his career.

Over time, he started publishing good videos. Now he is one of the big YouTubers.

Most ask questions about triggered Insaan

What is number of triggered Insaan?

triggered insaan number is 9935674667

How do I contact Nishchay malhan?

to contact Nishchay malhan you can send him email

Is triggered Insaan older than fukra Insaan?

no. Fukra Insaan is biger than triggered insaan

Who is the girlfriend of triggered Insaan?

Radhika is gf of triggered insaan

What is triggered Insaan real name?

Nischay Malhan is real name

Is nischay malhan an Iitian?

no. He is an Indian

Is triggered Insaan from IIT?

triggerd Insaan from Delhi University IIT

Who is elder nischay or Prerna?

nischay is elder than prena.

Which PC does triggered Insaan use?

triggered insaan use itel pc.

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