Follow all steps to u dictionary app download jio phone. Do not skip any part.

U-dictionary is a language translation app. Here you can change your local language to English or English to your local language. It provides you more than 57+ language options. It is free. You can also change your English WhatsApp message in your language.

Let’s see the Installation process of u-dictionary on jio mobile. 


Main point: right stepa to use the dictionary on jio phone

Step to use a dictionary in WhatsApp, Fb, Instagram, and YouTube


U Dictionary app download for PC

U dictionary is a very popular language conversion app in which you can understand any language with just one click. This app works exactly as Google translate.

U dictionary has 100k + downloads. It has a size of 4.5 Mb and a rating of 4.0 on the play store.

With the help of this app, you will be able to learn English easily.

This app was by OmiDex app. OmiDex is one of the best companies to make dictionary and translation apps. If you will search “best language translation app” in the play store then you will see this app at the top.

U dictionary app WhatsApp

  • Magic translation: one-click translate. Here you can scan any image or pick any photos to translate.
  • Translate in YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp
  • Text translation: translate any one language to other languages like English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, etc…
  • Copy to translate: copy any text to instant translate
  • My word: bookmark any new world and store it In your list. Preview your word.
  • oxford advanced learn dictionary option
  • Download offline language

U Dictionary app download phone

  1. To use your dictionary app first you have to open the app and put your line in the first blank box.
  2. Now select your language
  3. Click on confirm

You can also use this app for your jio phone. Let’s see Step by step guide for it.

You can use this app in all your messaging app and another app. Only you want a copy to translate. You can able to read your phone inbox message by u dictionary.


How to download u dictionary on jio phone

download u dictionary on jio phone

Is it possible to use the u-dictionary app on jio mobile? The right answer is no. You can not install this app on jio phone. Because all this app is an android phone app. You can not use any android app on jio phone.

But if you what to translate Hindi to English or English to Hindi, then follow this step…


  • Open Google
  • Serch Google translate
  • Put your sentences in the first blank box
  • Click on translate

Here you can able to change any language on jio mobile phone.


How do you use the u dictionary on WhatsApp ?

With the u-dictionary app, you can translate your message Into your local language. To translate your English massage to Hindi follow this step


  1. Open u dictionary app
  2. Go setting and enable instant copy to translate


  3. Open what and copy massage you what to translate
    Use u-dictionary app on WhatsApp


  4. Upside you show your translation


It is so simple. Using this app you can able to chat with anyone. Now don’t be afraid to chat with other country people.

As well as you can translate your Facebook massage and Instagram massage. Just you want to open any app like Facebook. Then open your chatting section and select sentences that you want to be charged. Now you can show pop up on your screen. For this, you have to provide a floating window option.


Is this app Chinese? 

The right answer is yes. This app was made by a Chinese company. but you can still use this app. It is a safe and secure app.


The best transaction app is Google translate

Google translate


If you are looking for the best language change app, you will not find a better app than Google Translate. This app was created by Google itself.

You can do all the work of coriander with the help of this application. Here you can find all the options like a line to line translation, scan, photo to translate, conversation, writing, transcribe, speech.

You will find all the languages ​​of the world here. Google Translate is a very large platform. 5B + downloads and 27.12Mb size.

If you want to use this app offline, you need to download a file in that language. This file will remain in your phone storage. With its help, you will be able to use this app completely offline.


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