free fire DJ Alok say that | dialogue, and mining


You know that free fire is a world famous mobile game that has recently completed 1 billion downloads. This game is famous for its unique character and graphics.

In this game, you see 32 characters. All these characters have a tagline. Normally you invite your friend or play with another player in a team. When you make a team all the players come In the same lobby. Your friends have different characters. All these characters are saying something.

Today in this post we will know what dj alok speaks. We will also see what other player speaks.

All these characters speak their dialogue in different languages. So let’s see what is its original dialogue and then we will know what is its English mining. So let’s start with Dj alok character first.

Dj Alok

Dj alok main speaks three dialogues which are in brazil language. Below are these three dialogues and also their meanings.

Dialogue :



  • It’s showtime.
  • Are you falling the energy ??
  • Now the animal will catch.
  • The time has come to let out the sound.

Dj Alok is a popular character in the free fire game. People like this character very much. He has a special power of drop the beat. Through which he can increase the health of himself and his teammates. In the free fire game, you will see many characters. But the fan following of Dj Alok is already more.


Chrono speaks its own dialogue in the English language. Therefore, below is its direct dialogue.

Dialogue :

  • Join the battel be the legend.
  • Be the best, you need the best.
  • Don’t believe in magic, believe in yourself

Chrono is based on football player Cristiano Ronaldo. He creates a force field called Time Turner ability. Chrono character builds a shield around himself. If a player shoots from outside the shield, the player is not damaged. This power stays active for some time. Once you use the time turner ability, it seems to charge.


Character k is based on an American music artist who speaks English as follows.

Dialogue :

  • One step closer to victory
  • Some people are the prisoner of their mind
  • Mind over matter

K can master of all. Due to this ability, he prepares a round around himself. So his power increases. CJ k character you can get during diamond top-up. This character is one of the rare characters.


Jai character is based on Hrithik Roshan. Hrithik Roshan is an Indian actor who is involved in the free fire game. He speaks the following dialogues.

Dialogue :

  • I am never miss a fight
  • I am the feast of the low
  • I win you the truth

If you want Jai’s special ability, it reloads the Kopan gun in less time. It is called Raging Reload. It reduces the gun loading time by 10% or 25%. Come in front and the gun of both is reloaded at once. Then your gun will be reloaded fast and you will be able to shoot it first.


Hayato is a samurai player that you can upgrade.

Dialogue :

  • Patience is virtual
  • Everything for the family
  • Let’s worm up

Hayato has Bushido helps him increase the ability of armor penetration. It gives extra armor protection. Hayato player is a samurai player so it gives fast movement.

Today we have learned what DJ Alok, Chrono, k, Jai, and Hayato speak in this post. If you want to know what other players of the free-fire say, you can check our other post. Here you will find out what dj Alok is talking about.

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