Today in this post we will learn how to get free fire diamond from the WinZO Gold app. Here is the process from completing tasks in WinZO Gold to top up in free fire. So read this post carefully.

Winzo is an earning app that is being used by millions of people. With the help of this app, you can win real cash. Within this app, you get various games in which you have to score high and beat the opponent. You can earn money by beating the score. With the help of this app, you can buy legendry items of other games for free.

You have to complete different tasks here. You will be rewarded for completing this task. You will find many such applications on the play store. Some of these applications will be legal and some will be fraudulent.

Sometimes many people are cheated. They complete the task of the application by giving time. But they do not get any reward. The reward is given by some legal application.

How to top up free fire diamonds using WinZO Gold app

Free fire is a survival game where you have to play with 50 other players. All the players are placed on an island. Then they have to kill each other by gun. In this map, you will find a safe zone. The player who grows last wins the game. Here you can play alone or with your friends. Here tdm match and rank match also comes.

Free fire game comes with an in-app purchase option in which you can take rare and legendary items in the game. Free fire is a world-famous game that has been downloaded 1 billion. The craze of this game is increasing a lot. They buy premium clothes and things by paying money. So they look like pro players. Gamers also buy expensive clothes and elite pass on youtube.

To buy this elite pass you need a diamond. The diamond you have to buy real money. Then you can buy the elite pass. In this elite pass, you get extra mission and point. Also, get premium clothes and items for free.People buy elite passes to look good.

Winzo free fire diamond top up price

Winzo is an app where you can play more than 30 quizzes and fantasy games. Here you can withdraw up to Rs 1500 cash by playing games. Winzo gold app is not available on the play store. To download it you need to go to winzogold’s official website Will fall.

The downloading process of this app is very simple. You have to go to winzo gold’s website. There you will find the option to download. You have to turn on the download option of an unknown source so that this application can be downloaded to your phone. You can download the app by clicking.

In the Winzo gold application, you have to first create an account in which you have to verify your mobile number and email id.

The phone number you have entered will be otp. Your phone number will be verified by it. Then you have to enter your name and log in. Once the account is created you can play games. Here you will already get Rs. 20 bonus. From this Rs. 20 You have to play games in which you can play games for Rs 2,3,5.

To play the games you have to select any games. Then you have to select the table price which will be Rs. 2,3 and Rs. 5. If you win the game you will get double and triple of the rupee selected in the table. You have to score more points. The player who points more will win.

How to get Diamonds For Free Fire using Winzo

  • First, download the winzo gold app.
  • Create your account with your Facebook id or email id.
  • Play more than 30 games.
  • If you want to make money, score higher than the other player.
  • Here you will get a bonus of Rs. 20 which you can use to play other games.
  • From these 20 rupees, you can play games with 2, 3, or 5 rupees. By winning this game you can earn 10 to 20 rupees per game.
  • You can earn money by providing details of your profile.
  • You can earn money by completing daily tasks.
  • You can earn money by inviting your friend.
  • If you log in daily, you will get some amount every day.
  • Here you can play games like quizzes, cricket, puzzle, racing, card, etc.

You can collect money by playing games in Winzo gold. You can withdraw this money through Paytm. With this money, you can buy free fire diamonds.

Winzo top up center free Fire

How to get Diamonds For Free Fire using Winzo

No, you can’t play free fire in winZo gold. Winzo gold is the same app where you can earn money by playing small quizzes, cricket, puzzle, racing, card, etc. while free fire is a big game that has a size of 716MB. Winzo gold comes with small size games, while free fire is a large size game. So you can play free fire in winzo gold.

Players play games by investing money in the Winzo gold app. If he scores more points than the opposing player, he wins. Do this thing in the free fire. 50 players come here and there is no option to score. It shows.

If you want to earn money by playing free fire, you can join the tournament. Winning the tournament gives you millions of rupees. But you have to be very prepared for it. Some people from India can reach the end of the tournament. Is.

If you want to earn money from free fire easily, you can install some apps in which you get a custom room. You have to pay some charge to join that room. If you win the game, you will get more money. You will get a room at a different price. If you join a room with a high price, you will also get a reward with a high value in return.

In this post, we will learn how we can get WinZO Gold Free Fire Diamond. winzo gold is a good app where you can win money by playing games. Millions of people around the world use this app. Here you can also add cash. For that, you have to go to add cash and add money which is stored in your winzo as a balance. By adding cash you can play more games. The more games you play the more your practice will increase. So your chances of losing will decrease.

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