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this is top Free Fire players in the world · 1) Sultan Proslo · 2) Sk Sabir · 3) Sudip Sarkar · 4) Raistar · 5) Tsg Jash. Check below for more information.

free fire is a very famous multiplayer shooting game. This game has been downloaded more than 1 billion times. If you are a free fire player then one question that comes to your mind is who is the number 1 player in Free Fire? If you want to get the answer to your question, read this post till the end. All free fire players want an answer to this question. Here we have the world’s best Free Fire player name list 2022.

Today in this post we will learn about Free Fire global players name, the world fastest Free Fire player name, list, and world no 1 Free Fire player name 2022. After reading this post, all your questions will be solved.

Top 5 Best Free Fire players in the world

Below is a list of Top Free Fire players in the world. Here are the numbers according to the game stats and popularity of free fire players. In the game stats, we have included the player’s match point, kill, win ratio, and K/D.


Sultan proslo is a famous free fire player and YouTuber. He is the top player on the Indonesian server. Sultan proslo is the world’s best free fire player in 2021. His guild name is NESC-IND. Only pro players can join this guild. So far he has often reached the grandmaster tier. His youtube channel name is Dyland Pros. This channel has over 10 million subscribers.


If you live in India you may have heard the name of SK sabir boss. His id has got the most likes in the free fire. He is a very good free fire player. He is a good player of short-range and long-range. His guild’s name is BOSS so people call her SK SABIR BOSS. He is a very fast free fire player.

3. Sudip Sarkar

Sudip Sarkar is one of the top 10 free fire players in the world. He is a very fast and pro player. He plays well in close range. The name of his youtube channel is gyan gaming. This channel has over 10 million subscribers. He uploads free fire gameplay videos on his youtube channel. You will learn new free fire tricks from Sudip sarkar.


Raistar is considered to be the fastest player in India. You will be annoyed if you see the gameplay of Raistar. He beats a very fast opposing player. People who see Raistar for the first time consider him a hacker. You can watch Raistar’s video on youtube. He plays well in the long-range. His winning ratios and K/D are higher than any other player.

5. TSG Jash

Tsg Jash is a very famous YouTuber and free fire player. He runs a two side gamer youtube channel with Tsg Ritik. This channel has over 12 million subscribers. Tsg jash is a very good player of free fire. He can reach the grandmaster tier in any season. He plays well in long-range and close range. He has mastered the art of running awm.

Best Free Fire Players India 2021

Do you know who is the no 1 player in Free Fire? If not, here you will find out who is the number 1 free fire player in India. Below is a list of top Free Fire players in India 2021.

  1. Raistar
  2. Ind Gamer
  3. SK Sabir
  4. TSG Ritik
  5. NTR Nobita
  6. B2K
  7. Badege 99
  8. M8N
  9. Pahadi Gamer
  10. Vincenzo

Best Free Fire Players in the World 2021

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by free fire players. Who is the best player of Free Fire in the world? If you have this question in your mind, the solution is given here. Below is the list of the best Free Fire players of 2021. By looking at it, you will know which player is good and what is his number.

  1. GyanSujan
  3. Ajjubhai94
  5. Sudip Sarkar
  6. TSG Jash
  7. Bolt
  8. Rakesh00007
  9. NayeemAlam
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