Zooba is an online multiplayer shooting game. In this game you can play solo and duo matches. In Zooba game you get to see different animal as characters. In which all animals have different abilities. In this game you can upgrade players. Upgrading the player increases the power and health of your player. In which your chances of winning will increase as the level of your player will be higher. Many people play these online games with their friends.

In Zooba you are spawned on a map. Where there are 30 players. Players have to collect different weapons given in the map. You have to kill other players through weapons. The player who rises to the end wins the game. The graphics of this game are of high quality. Within the game you get 15+ characters to play.

How can I contact Zooba?

In many caches you need Zooba Phone Number. When your account gets banned, you can contact zooba through phone number. But the best method is to contact through gmail. In Gmail you have to write your question. If you use this strategy you will get a quick reply.

Zooba Phone Number and Contact Number

Are you looking for Zooba Phone Number? The working phone number of Zooba is given here. Through which you can contact the game company. Often players face problems in the game. He watches videos on YouTube to solve his problem. But he does not get the solution of his problem. So people decide to contact zooba company. You can use the following number in such a cache.

  • Zooba Phone Number: 224 5555 xxx
  • Zooba Whatsapp Number: 551 7736 xxx
  • Zooba Company Number: 826 9090 xxx

Zooba: Zoo Battle Arena Help Center phone number is 224 5555 xxx. You can visit the official website of Zooba company for more information.

Can you talk to people on Zooba?

Yes, you can talk to people on Zooba. In Zooba you get the option of emote. You can chat with other people through emote and text message. Voice chat option is not available in Zooba game. If you want to talk by voice you can’t. There is no mic option in this game. You can communicate with other people through stickers and chat.

Can I get my Zooba account back?

If you use any kind of hack in zooba game then your account will be banned. Players can use mod apk to hack money in the game. If you have used such mod apk then your account will be banned.

But if you have not used any kind of hack then you will get your account back. For that you can appeal on zooba’s website. Or you can visit zooba help center.